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Advantages of choosing a trailer air suspension

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What kinds of trailer suspensions are there? 

Types of trailer suspension include air suspension and mechanical suspension. Most semi-trailers are fitted with a mechanical suspension, which is used in combination with leaf springs. However, the air suspension trailer has better shock absorption capacity, and is currently mainly used in the transportation of precision instruments and hazardous chemicals. This article is about the trailer air suspension.


First of all, we can see that the structure of the air suspension is mainly composed of a front support frame, a rear support frame, a spring beam, a spring beam shaft, an air spring, a shock absorber, and a U-shaped bolt. The air spring is the core component of the air suspension, and the performance of the air spring directly determines the performance of the suspension. The upper end of the air spring is connected with the frame of the semi-trailer, and the lower end is connected with the spring beam.


What are the advantages of trailer air suspension? 

1. The shock absorption effect of the trailer air suspension is good. Compared with traditional mechanical springs, air bags are obviously softer and more comfortable. It forms a soft connection between the frame and the axle, which can greatly alleviate the bumps and impacts from the road surface. In addition to enhancing the driving comfort, it is also a kind of protection for the cargo.

2. Reduce the load stress. Due to the compressibility of air, the air ride trailer can easily cope with the ups and downs of the road surface, reduce the load pressure, and prolong the service life of the axle and semi-trailer, which can reduce the cost of the vehicle to a certain extent.

3. Its own weight is smaller. Lightweight is a development trend in the trailer accessories industry at present. Compared with the traditional suspension, the air ride trailer is lighter in weight. For standard load users, more free weight space can be obtained, and no-load users can save fuel.

4. Long service life. Due to the relatively light weight of the air spring itself, the friction between the air in the air bag is also relatively small, so the service life of the trailer air suspension can reach 2-3 times that of the traditional suspension, helping the car owner to save costs better.


In addition, we should pay attention to three important parameters when choosing a trailer air suspension semi-trailer.

1. Stiffness 

Suspension stiffness is a measure of the ability of the suspension to resist deformation, and refers to the vertical load that needs to be added to the suspension for a unit distance of the wheel center relative to the frame and the body moving up. In the actual working process of the semi-trailer, the main constraint on the stiffness comes from the limit of the roll angle.

2. The durability of the trailer air suspension

Air ride trailer durability refers to the service life of the air suspension to maintain the quality and function under a certain load, generally expressed by the number of vibrations. From the structural analysis, the trailer air suspension transmits force and torque between the axle and the frame, and the working load of the suspension and the axle is highly consistent.

3. Stable comfort

Smooth comfort is the ability of a trailer to keep the impact of vibration and shock on occupant comfort and cargo integrity within a certain range during driving. The smooth comfort of a semi-trailer is closely related to the suspension performance.

Finally, welcome to ask us more questions about semi-trailers, I hope this article can help you buy a suitable trailer.


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