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3 Axles Flatbed Semi Trailer Export to Tanzania

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Fudeng Automobile Co.,LTD is the largest and professional factory in China. We have many hot sale products, such as flatbed semi trailer, side wall semi traier, skeleton chassis semi trailer, fence cargo semi trailer, side loader semi trailer and howo truck head and dump truck. The flatbed semi trailer is our basic and hot sale products, a lot of customers prefer FUDENG and choose us due to our high quality and best service. This news will share the our succeed case of the flatbed semi trailer export to Tanzania. Tanzania is a large city of Africa, now we have a plenty of new and old customers in there, and have a lot of old customers repeat the order from us due to the excellent quality and the best service. They not only buy the flatbed semi trailer from us, also buy the side wall semi trailer, fence cargo semi trailer and truck head from us. Contact with customers in Tanzania began to make active enquiries with customers. Customers browsed our semi-trailer and truck websites on the Google platform, which aroused great interest from customers. After careful browsing, customers contacted our sales manager. After sending an inquiry, we started to communicate with each other for the discussion of the details of the flatbed semi trailer. At the beginning of communication, Our sales persons who connect with customers will ask a few basic questions based on the products that customers are interested in, and according to the customers' simple and specific transportation requirements, so as to recommend the most suitable products for customers. In communication, salespersons will meet customers who know semi-trailers or trucks, but also some customers who do not understand. At this time, we need to use the professionalism of our salespersons to communicate with customers through some choices. With regard to sexual problems, the customer tentatively understands the specific needs of the customer, so that he can do what he likes, and directly want the customer to show the product he needs most.This customer is clear about the type of cargo and the transport load. This Tanzania customer want use the flatbed semi trailer to load 20ft and 40ft container, at the same time, it also want to transport bulk cargo, notice this need from our customer, of course, our flatbed semi trailer can meet this customer's need fully. And the customer tell us him payload weight, that is also no problem, the max payload can customized according to the specific trailer type. As for the more aspect of the flatbed semi trailer, this Tanzania customer know less, because this time is him first time to use the flatbed semi trailer, he want to start him transportation business by the flatbed semi trailer, and he also ask the truck head we whether sell, if we sell the truck head as well, he will buy the flatbed semi trailer and truck head together from us to do transportation in him local. That is a good news for us. Because this Tanzania customer only know the type of the transport goods and payload, so our sales person will tell him our 3 axles flabed semi trailer can meet him transport need fully, we will tell our customer our flatbed semi trailer will equip with the twist lock, can load 2*20ft and 40ft container and other bulk cargo loading though showing the picture and video to him, let the customer know we offer the products that he need exectly. 


In the process of our negotiation and communication, through showing the pictures and videos to the customers, the feedbacks from the customers are very satisfied. We will our customers know our flatbed semi trailer is most suitable for him use. And inform our customer that our semi trailer mainly face the Africa market to service and now we have a lot of customers in their local, Customers began to build trust with us, and asked whether our car can adapt to their road conditions. It is used in China, but the road conditions in Africa are not good. We will tell him beacuse our market is Africa. so the design of our semi trailer will specific design for Africa market, we will reinforced the main beam and mechanical suspension for you, And before shipping for customers from the factory, we have very strict internal tests to ensure that customers have a good experience after getting the flatbe d semi trailer.Our Tanzanian customer feedback said: great, this is exactly what we need! That is very great, I really wanna to cooperate with you! This Tanzanian customer very satisfy our 3 axles flatbed semi trailer, and he said he prefer the green color, that is no problem at all, we can deisgn the specific color of the flabed semi trailer according to our customer need. Now this customer has already received him flatbed semi trailer and start to use it. He place order with us with three units flatbed semi trailer, this purchase quantity is saving for him. At the beginning, this customer only want to buy one unit at first to try it, because this is the first time he buy the products from China, he want buy more after buy the one unit, but considering the shipping cost at that time, our sales person tell our customer, if the flatbed semi trailer is the necessity products for him business, we advice him canb consider buy two or three units flatbed semi trailer at one time, not only we cab give him a competitive price, but also can saving a lot of shipping cost for him, because we will stack two or three units flatbed semi trailer together to arrange delivery for our customer, this method can save a lot of shipping cost for our customers. The customer also think he need more flatbed semi trailer in the near future, and this method we told him indeed very economic for him, so he decided he will buy three units flatbed semi trailer from us at this time. We will win the trust from our customer if we consider from the customer's point of view.

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Finally, the customer also purchased a new locomotive from us to tow the semi-trailer. Now the customer has been using it for a long time and gave us very good feedback. The customer said that they will purchase in large quantities next year and look forward to cooperating with him. At the same time, if you have opportunity to China, you are very welcome to visit our factory look our production steps, very glad to see you in China. Besides the Tanzania, we also have a lot of customers in Liberia,  Uganda, Zimbabwe etc. Besides the flatbed semi trailer, we also have side wall semi traile, fence cargo semi trailer, fuel tanker semi trailer, bulk cement tanker trailer, side loader container semi trailer and truck head. No matter which kind of semi trailer or truck we received order from our customers, we will offer the best quality products and our best service to our customers. The flatbed semi trailer widely used to transport the 20ft/40ft/45ft container and other bulk cargo, it need the truck head to pull it to achieve the transportation process. You can choose buy the flatbed or truck head alone from us, you also can choose buy the semi trailer and truck head together from us. Our factory support customized according to the customers, all the details can be customized according to our customer need. With the continuous accumulation of our new customers, we also have many new customers introduced through the old customers who have already traded, this time reflects the importance of our product quality, only our products are of high quality, we have already bought Customers who have used it will continue to introduce us to his colleagues and friends to purchase from us. If the adaptation experience of your own customers is not good, let alone introducing new customers, then everything will be empty talk.If you are in the transportation industry and need semi-trailers or trucks, our factory can provide them for you. Our products are specially designed for Africa. After you have used our products, I believe you will place an order again when you need it. when. This is our company's website, you can browse it, please feel free to send us an inquiry!

If you are interested in our products, welcome to ask price with our sales manager!


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