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12.5m 3axle Flatbed Tractor Trailer will be shipped to Zambia

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Fudeng Automobile Co.,LTD is a company specialized in exporting trucks and trailers. Now our products are sold at home and abroad. With high-quality service and products, we have won the trust of many new and old customers. The customer from Zambia bought two Fudeng flatbed semi-trailers and transported them to the customer's country by sea.

In the process of communication, we will let the customer know that our flat deck semi-trailer is the most suitable for him. We also told our customers that our semi-trailers mainly serve the African market. We already have many customers in the local market, and customers began to build trust with us. The Zambian customer hopes to use flat bed trailer to load containers or transport bulk goods. Knowing the customer's demand, our sales manager recommended our 3-axle flatbed semi-trailer to him. We also told the customer that our flat deck truck trailer will be equipped with 12 container locks, which can carry two 20ft containers or one 40ft container and other bulk goods. Then we showed the customer pictures and videos to let the customer know that we have provided the products he needs very much.

12.5m flatbed1

Next, we introduced to him the advantages of our 12.5m 60tons flatbed semi-trailer.

1. High-strength frame: the torsion resistance of main longitudinal beam ("I" type high-strength steel) and cross beam (channel steel) ensures its torsion resistance, impact resistance and bump resistance, and meets the load requirements under different road conditions.

2. All parts of flatbed semi-trailer are purchased from famous brand products, such as JOST Landing Gear, WABCO emergency brake and BPW axle. This makes the flat deck trailer more reliable, with strong strength and long service life.

3. The 12.5m flat platform trailer consists of a 3mm thick flat plate made of checkerboard. The ridge platform produces more friction, which makes it anti-slip.

4. Surface treatment of flatbed trailer: coating pretreatment, sandblasting of the whole structure, zinc-rich primer and acrylic polyurethane finish.

12.5m flatbed4

After confirming the detailed configuration with the Zambian customer, we suggest that he can consider purchasing two or three flat semi-trailers at a time. We can not only give him a competitive price, but also save him a lot of transportation costs. Because we will stack two or two flat semi-trailers together and arrange delivery for our customers. This method can save a lot of freight for our customers.

Now, the two 3axle flatbed semi-trailers ordered by Zambian customers have been produced, packed and sent to the maritime port, and finally transported in bulk. Below are the pictures in our transportation map.

12.5m flatbed2

12.5m flatbed3

12.5m flatbed7

12.5m flatbed5

12.5m flatbed6

Flatbed semi-trailer is our basic and hot selling product. Because of our high quality and best service, many customers prefer Fudeng and choose us. If you are in the transportation industry and need semi-trailers or trucks, our factory can provide them for you. Our products are specially designed for Africa. After you use our products, I believe you will place an order again when you need it. This is our company's website. You can browse it. Please send us your inquiry at any time!


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